Sports Hard Surface Cleaning

In Adelaide

Why Maintain Your Hard Court Surfaces?

Depending on the surface there are good financial and safety reasons why you should ensure your outdoor hard surfaces are kept clean and free from debris.

  • Tennis Court Cleaning
  • Netball Court Cleaning
  • Cricket Pitch Cleaning 
  • Handball Court Cleaning
  • Basketball Ball Court Cleaning
Service Tennis Clubs, Cricket Clubs, School Courts, Home Owners, Commercial Business, Hotels, Resorts,
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A home tennis court is a valuable asset that adds tremendous value to your house, but if poorly maintained it can quickly become a liability.

The same is true for tennis clubs and sports centres and local councils, schools, resorts with hard surface playing areas. To ensure they do not degrade and need expensive repairs these surfaces should be regularly cleaned and maintained to provide a safe playing surface for many years, we provide a free quotations to enhance all your hard court playing surface`s